Valentine’s Day – 6 ways to surprise your overseas partner

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Valentine’s day is right around the corner,  so don’t forget to surprise your loved one with something sweet!

In an increasingly connected world, long-distance relationships are inevitable. Luckily, new technologies make it much easier to surprise your loved ones on Valentine’s Day despite the distance.

Here are some valentine’s day ideas for you to use in your long-distance relationship!

1. Play an online game together

How about dating your other half online? Playing an online game can be a very nice way to spend some time together. Check out popular games like Mario Kart Tour, 8-Ball Pool, Roblox, Fortnite or Clash Royale.


2. Sending over an online gift card

Showing your love can be very simple! There are online gift cards for all kinds of interests and personalities. If your better half likes coffee, consider a Starbucks gift card. If you want to give your valentine a relaxation that they deserve, consider gift cards to surprise them.


3. Surprise your sweetheart with flowers

Sending a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day is a classic gesture that cannot be left out on this list. It is very easy to order flowers online and have them delivered to your valentine’s work or home address! Use MoneyMatch to transfer money to a nearby florist and get them to deliver some lovely red roses and maybe even a personalized card.


4. Create a Spotify playlist

Especially for couples who bond over the same music taste, creating a playlist with some touching songs can be a very romantic gesture. In a Spotify playlist, you could include music that you both had great memories, or just include some songs you want him/her to enjoy & cherish the moments.


5. Plan a surprise trip

Your presence is the best gift you can offer. If the opportunity arises to be physically close to your better half, take it! Can you think of something more passionate than showing up when you were not expecting to see each other? Planning to meet each other half-way is also an option to consider, but the element of surprise is pure, heartfelt and romantic. (If you’re reading this during the pandemic, read this article)


6. Send money across the border using MoneyMatch

Are none of the actions above suitable for your lover? You can also send money across the border and your better half can buy anything to fulfil their hearts’ desires. Some options include Telegraphic Transfer through banks.

However, your go-to bank might say it’s “free” or offer a “fixed fee” to send money and hit you with an extra 3% or more on the exchange rate they use in the form of hidden fees. Take a look:

Service Fees Chargeable on Remittances

Well, we want to break the good news to you that sending money to your better half using MoneyMatch will not only help you save money (fixed transfer fees for as low as MYR 3 for any transaction volume) but also, your transaction will arrive just before Valentine’s Day!

Have you tried any of the above? Get started now!

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