MoneyMatch Spotlight: Data Science

Introduction For #MoneyMatchSpotlight on Data Science, we talked to the Head of our Data team, Ashdave Singh Gehoonia, to find out more about the brains behind some of our core internal data platforms & technologies! Ashdave has an educational background in Mathematics with Actuarial Science, and is an MBA graduate from Hult International Business School. … Continue reading MoneyMatch Spotlight: Data Science

MoneyMatch Spotlight: Compliance

Introduction MoneyMatch Spotlight is a new series featuring glimpses of what happens behind the scenes here at MoneyMatch! We're starting off with a very significant department for fintechs like us, Compliance. In this interview, we're talking to our Group Head of Compliance, Thavalogan Paskarah a.k.a Logan. Logan is a CAMI-certified Compliance Officer with an extensive … Continue reading MoneyMatch Spotlight: Compliance

The MoneyMatch Journey

In a recent interview with MYStartup, our co-founders Adrian Yap and Naysan Munusamy shared about the MoneyMatch journey and the challenges they faced along the way. Read on to know all about MoneyMatch beyond our products and services! How it all started... Naysan: Around 2014, me and Adrian were at a mamak, we were in … Continue reading The MoneyMatch Journey

Perbankan Digital – Masa Hadapan Kewangan

MoneyMatch: Lesen Perbankan Digital dari Bank Negara MalaysiaBaru-baru ini, Bank Negara Malaysia telah menganugerahkan lesen perbankan digital kepada 5 buah konsortium. MoneyMatch adalah ahli salah satu konsortium tersebut, di samping Jirnexu yang terkenal dengan laman perbandingan mereka RinggitPlus, dan juga Carsome, pasaran digital untuk kenderaan terpakai yang menjadi ‘unicorn’ pertama di Malaysia. Konsortium yang dibentuk … Continue reading Perbankan Digital – Masa Hadapan Kewangan

The People of MoneyMatch: Celebrating Independence

This week, three different countries celebrated their respective independence days—India and South Korea on the 15th of August, followed by Indonesia on the 17th of August! In the month of independence, what better way to showcase the spirit of freedom and courage than through the people themselves? We got the chance to do just that … Continue reading The People of MoneyMatch: Celebrating Independence

Protect Your Account from Cybercrime

Along with the rise of Fintech and digital finance management, comes the rise of cybercrime targeting online banking, payments and fund transfers. Once cybercriminals get a hold of your personal information, they can easily turn the data into money-spinning opportunities. How do we make sure to always be one step ahead of them? On 10th … Continue reading Protect Your Account from Cybercrime

FinTech – A better solution for SMEs

After using bank products for the longest time, is FinTech a better solution for SMEs in this time of endemic? Problems by SMEs Traditional banks tend to favor big corporations with higher volumes. While the underserved micro-businesses and SMEs must endure expensive fees and complex processes. Normally, these financial products are catered to the big … Continue reading FinTech – A better solution for SMEs

International Women’s Day – Women in MoneyMatch

Happy International Women’s Day to all the strong and beautiful women out there! Today's the day to sing Beyonce songs as loud as you want to. "Who runs the world? Girls (and, women)!" Women are now settling for important positions throughout all aspects of society across the world. They've contributed not only as a friend, … Continue reading International Women’s Day – Women in MoneyMatch

Why We Love Gather (And Why You Should Too)

Not only was remote working a big adjustment for us, but after some time we also started yearning for social interaction with our colleagues. Most of our problems were solved when our colleague introduced GatherTown to MoneyMatch’s management team. You may be wondering, what is Gather? Well, we'll tell you that and also the reasons … Continue reading Why We Love Gather (And Why You Should Too)

5 Pro Tips to Live in Malaysia for Expats

Estimated reading time: 3 mins Living in Malaysia can be a MAJOR culture shock, especially to those who’ve never been to South East Asia before. Even so, it could be one of the most life-changing experiences for you - in a positive way! Are you an ex-pat thinking of moving to Malaysia? You came to … Continue reading 5 Pro Tips to Live in Malaysia for Expats