As you may be aware, Australia is currently experiencing a National Crisis. Bush fires are reaching unprecedented levels, sparking further panic and evacuation in both New South Wales and Victoria. There are many of us who want to offer help & relevant news outlets indicate that the Australians have been thankful for the large volume of donations, but urge donors to send cash over physical goods in order to best tackle the issue at hand.

We at MoneyMatch are dedicated to play our part in helping alleviate the effects of this disaster, and as a result we have decided to waive the transfer fees for all donations which go through us by using the promo code: MMAUS. We will ensure that your transfer fee (RM8) is waived to all payments from Malaysia to Australia. Check out more on how you can transfer using MoneyMatch here

In order to facilitate your transfer, find the names of relevant organisations that are addressing the bushfire case below:

NSW Rural Fire Service 
County Fire Authority 
Victorian Bushfire Appeal
Community Enterprise Foundation
Salvation Army
World Wildlife Fun

Let us stand with Australia to help those in need. 

Transfer to Australia today.