Why We Love Gather (And Why You Should Too)

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Not only was remote working a big adjustment for us, but after some time we also started yearning for social interaction with our colleagues. Most of our problems were solved when our colleague introduced GatherTown to MoneyMatch’s management team.

You may be wondering, what is Gather? Well, we’ll tell you that and also the reasons why we love Gather.

It simulates the real-world office environment

COVID-19 has come into our lives over 2 years ago, and it has transformed the way we work. Although a few companies already provided remote working before the pandemic, all companies had to adapt to working from home during the Movement Control Order (MCO). 

Gather is a video chat platform that aims to bring people together and minimise the strains of virtual interaction. 

Despite us having to work from home during MCO, the adoption of Gather has created a sense of work environment just as if we’re in the office. We had to enter the Gather map during working hours (8:30am – 5:30pm), and we were able to see all our colleagues as a cute avatar with a floating name tag. Needing only a microphone and webcam, we can approach and talk to our colleagues, similar to how we would in real life!


Moreover, a common problem of working from home is that there is not a clear line between work and home. This is eliminated as we are able to visually see our colleagues on their virtual tables. With a clear structure to work, employees can be approached only when they are present on the map. Thus, personal invasions through contacting our mobile phones are prevented.

Another neat thing about the Gather map is that it is fully customisable. Our designer has recreated our offices into our own Gather map to replicate the office feeling. After months of lockdown, using Gather gave us a rush of nostalgia as we got to see our office again. Through this convenient platform, we are able to walk around our office, without having to be physically there! Also, it allows us to visit other MoneyMatch offices too!

Connects everyone wherever we are

Interactions are possible again and we have a more collaborative relationship among different departments. As a continuously expanding company, we have offices located in Bangsar, TTDI, Penang, Johor, and even Brunei. We were able to approach colleagues from other offices, something that is impossible to do in the real world! Through Gather, we communicate better on a virtual scale, which we really need due to our global presence.

Social isolation is no longer a problem, now that we have Gather to use during remote working! As mentioned in another article by our intern, our company believes company outings are important as we have outings and play futsal and badminton weekly. Although we have less of this due to the pandemic, we can now play virtual games thanks to Gather! Especially nowadays as the COVID-19 cases are rising, we could have interactive activities like Doodle Party without any actual contact. 

It provides a touchpoint between all employees

Ever since the first MCO in March 2020, there has not been much physical interaction between our offices. Gather creates a more interactive and engaging working experience, as online touchpoints become more humanised. All of us started coming back to our respective offices in September, but it doesn’t mean we stop using Gather.

We still conduct monthly town hall meetings where all offices come together on Gather. With 100+ employees located around the world, it can be a struggle to get everyone in a single venue. Gather makes it simple as there are no more struggles in terms of commuting and finding space. Plus, we get to avoid the risk of contracting COVID-19!

Gather has helped us in providing the human interaction much needed during lockdown and when all of us in MoneyMatch had to work from home, Gather made us feel like we were in office (minus the traffic and getting ready in the morning part!)

Syahinaz Aleza (KL office)

It helps us in Brunei when communicating with Malaysian offices, as we can barge into that person to talk without needing to set an appointment with them for a meeting.

Mohammad Arif Raya (Brunei office)

Gather.town helped to bridge the divide without the hassle to put up a long text or initiate a RAM-consuming video call.

Efficient? ✅ Save time? ✅ Real-time interaction? ✅

Victor M. Jaki (Penang office)

In conclusion

The adoption of Gather received many positive comments from all of us in MoneyMatch. As you reach the end of the article, I hope we’ve made you curious enough to try Gather for your workplace or organisation. 

Adapting Gather has been a really smart move for us. Having that real-life office feeling really connects us again with our colleagues and we’re more productive at work too. With all the offices benefiting from using Gather, we can’t wait to add Hong Kong & Singapore offices to our map!

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