Enhancing Operational Efficiency – An Interview with Our COO

Introducing our latest interview in the #MoneyMatchSpotlight series! Today, we turn our attention to the heart of our organization—Operations. In this feature, we sat down with our esteemed COO, Haddy Rohan Zulkifli, a qualified Chartered Accountant . Haddy brings a wealth and breadth of experience to MoneyMatch's core management team. His previous exposure range across … Continue reading Enhancing Operational Efficiency – An Interview with Our COO

MoneyMatch Spotlight: B2B Acquisition

What is B2B Acquisition? Curious about B2B Acquisition and its role within our organization? At MoneyMatch, B2B Acquisition is synonymous with Corporate Sales. To give you an insider's view of this dynamic team, we had the pleasure of sitting down with our talented department head, Cynthia Quah. Cynthia graduated from Upper Iowa University in Mass … Continue reading MoneyMatch Spotlight: B2B Acquisition

Sales Success Unlocked

Are you just about to start a career in Sales or are struggling to find new leads? Discover the secrets to unlocking sales success as we sit down with our talented sales team for an insightful interview. We'll be uncovering the keys to driving growth and exceeding targets! What skills do you think are important … Continue reading Sales Success Unlocked

MoneyMatch Spotlight: Engineering

Introduction To wrap up this month's #MoneyMatchSpotlight, we sat down with our Head of Engineering, Poorya Bagheri Faez. With over six years of experience at MoneyMatch, Poorya started as a Technology Associate back in 2017. He has since played a pivotal role in driving the company's growth and innovation up until today! Before joining the … Continue reading MoneyMatch Spotlight: Engineering

International Women’s Day – Women in MoneyMatch

Happy International Women’s Day to all the strong and beautiful women out there! Today's the day to sing Beyonce songs as loud as you want to. "Who runs the world? Girls (and, women)!" Women are now settling for important positions throughout all aspects of society across the world. They've contributed not only as a friend, … Continue reading International Women’s Day – Women in MoneyMatch

Why We Love Gather (And Why You Should Too)

Not only was remote working a big adjustment for us, but after some time we also started yearning for social interaction with our colleagues. Most of our problems were solved when our colleague introduced GatherTown to MoneyMatch’s management team. You may be wondering, what is Gather? Well, we'll tell you that and also the reasons … Continue reading Why We Love Gather (And Why You Should Too)

What’s It Like Being A Virtual Intern At MoneyMatch

Ever wondered what happens during a virtual internship with MoneyMatch? Fear not! For we will be giving you a sneak peek into the day of our virtual intern! Introduction Hey there! My name’s Jun, and I’ve just completed my Bachelor of Laws Degree at the University of Liverpool. During my undergraduate studies, I was fortunate … Continue reading What’s It Like Being A Virtual Intern At MoneyMatch

Asia FinTech Awards 2021 -Shortlisted Finalist!

With much excitement, our team at MoneyMatch celebrates being one of the few shortlisted finalists for Asia FinTech Awards 2021 in the category ✨RegTech of the Year! If you didn't know, Asia FinTech Awards 2021 is organized by FinTech Intel, the global market intelligence platform for financial services technology. Therefore, the Asia FinTech Awards 2021 … Continue reading Asia FinTech Awards 2021 -Shortlisted Finalist!