Transfer money FROM Brunei & Australia with MoneyMatch!

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Despite Covid-19, MoneyMatch has expanded 🤩 You can now transfer money from Brunei and Australia!

Transfer money from Brunei as low as BND3 whereas Australia, AUD3 today! As of date, we are able to send to 30+ countries as of date. We continue to work hard in opening more corridors to serve our international customers. Send money back home to your loved ones with more convenience, faster speed & with the best rates possible with MoneyMatch!

Ever since MoneyMatch started in 2017, our team has continuously pushed ourselves to the limits. We have partnered with Ripple which helps connect us with financial institutions and payment providers across the world. Subsequently, we are able to reach more people and provide them an inexpensive way to transfer money abroad.

Fast forward to 2020, we have expanded to Brunei, followed by Australia. Furthermore, we are looking to expand to more countries to serve our international customers the best we can.

For more information about the respective countries, do check out our Support Centre. Here, you can get to know more about Account Creation, Creating a transfer, Rates & Fees, Payment Options, and more. Feel free to head over & “Change Region” if you would like to know more info about the respective regions:

MoneyMatch is a financial technology company which provides remittance services across the globe. Our award-winning digital platform successfully executed over RM1.4 billion in transactions which includes cross-border trade payments and individual transfers. Above all, we guarantee no hidden costs and that your finances are secured. We are the Malaysian FinTech startup that aims to help you save money when you transfer with us.

If you have not created an account with us, sign-up today!

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