Celebrating Diversity and Independence with the Retail Team

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In this rendition of #MoneyMatchSpotlight, let’s step into the fascinating world of our Retail Team, where cultural exchanges, language barriers, and diverse perspectives are not just obstacles but opportunities for growth. As we celebrate the Independence Month of Malaysia, South Korea, and India, we’ll explore how these values of independence and freedom resonate with the team’s dedication to providing the best service possible. Join us as we delve into their customer interaction strategies, share some amusing cultural exchanges, and highlight the team’s diversity and commitment to independence.

Turning Challenges into Success: Customer Interaction

Can you share an example of a unique or challenging customer interaction that you successfully turned into a satisfied client? 

Putera: One of my customers unfortunately did not understand how to do e-KYC. I personally met her in person to help her complete her e-KYC on the spot. Currently, she’s been steadily transacting with us.

Dhanu: I’ve had numerous customers that swore by me they will not use MoneyMatch. It took a while but I thankfully managed to convince them to see our advantage. This made them realize it was much better to use us in the first place.

Steph: There are a few customers who did not have the best experience with our previous services. But, with the Retail team constantly checking in and following up with them, most of them turn into regular transacting customers. Of course, our Marketing and Retail team always come out with ideas on how to reward our customers.

Building trust is crucial in remittance services. How do you ensure that expats, who might be far from their families, feel confident in using the MoneyMatch app for their transactions compared to other apps?

Putera: I assure them through utilizing our strength, which is personal touch. I will ask about their wellbeing and recommend them popular restaurants, as well as tourist spots in KL.

Sujin: Most Koreans rely on their friends’ feedback or recommendation. So, for MoneyMatch, it is quite well known for Koreans. That is crucial for the first-user experience. 

In your opinion, how does cultural diversity enhance the Retail team’s dynamics? Could you share an instance when your team’s diverse backgrounds led to unique insights or solutions?

Dhanu: Most definitely. We have 2 people in the retail team who are expats: Sujin from South Korea and Srayita from India. In most instances, our customers are more inclined to be catered by them instead. For example, most Koreans have found it more convenient to speak in Korean due to a small language barrier

Steph: Our team has different backgrounds, nationalities and races. Every one of us handles various corridors. My past experiences might bring value to the team and vice versa. For some festivals which I am unaware of, the team will teach me and share the story behind it. With the knowledge we learned from each other, we will discuss the idea as a team and bring benefits and value to the company and customers.

Unique Moments and Language Barriers

Can you share a funny or unexpected cultural exchange moment that occurred from your conversations with expat customers? 

Putera: One of my customers wanted to do a transaction in SGD. I noticed that his profile picture is a character from a game called Valorant, which is a game that I play religiously. I asked him if he would like to play with me. Ever since then, I have been playing games with him every weekend.

Dhanu: Most of the time, when people can’t speak English very well, it’s a normal human instinct to talk in your native language. This results in some unexpectedly hilarious conversations.

Steph: Sometimes when we build a good relationship with customers, they will share their stories with us. I remember asking some of out Korean and Japanese customers, what makes them want to move or work in Malaysia. Their answers are all quite similar. There’s multiculturalism and race in Malaysia and yet we live peacefully and respect one another.

Have you ever been in a situation where a language barrier becomes a challenge? How did you successfully overcome it to assist the customer?

Putera: I used a translator and used formal language to make the translated words more accurate.

Dhanu: Yes. In most cases, I tried to voice translate via Google Translate and a general translator application to get them to sign up.

Steph: Not really. Most of our customers, especially expats, are able to read and speak English. But, I remember there’s this one Japanese customer who was about 70 years old. He wanted to transact with us for the first time. He can speak simple English but couldn’t read it, so I visited him and translated each button into Japanese in his notebook, including a step by step guide on where to click to make a transfer.

Celebrating Independence in the Retail Team

Independence can also relate to individual empowerment. Can you recall a time when you took a step towards personal independence, whether in your career or personal life? 

Putera: For me there are two perspectives regarding personal independence, which is freedom and being “independent”. Independence in my life started when I was 15 years old. This is when I started working to earn money and realized how hard it is to earn it. Furthermore, when I was starting my college life, I had to pay everything for myself, even the student fees due to the fact that my parents enforced a mindset of independence towards their children. In terms of freedom, I felt it just recently when I finally moved out from my parents house.

Dhanu: Working in a corporate setting has made me realize that personal development is key in enhancing yourself among your peers. This form of independence came from realizing that you as a singular persona have to embrace independence and create growth within yourself.

Steph: I think ever since I became a mother, I do most things independently. For work, sometimes because I don’t want to burden my teammates. In my personal life, I am the eldest daughter in the family. I moved out to stay with my spouse. I make decisions and do things independently so that I don’t rely on others. 

Sujin: I still remember my first independence feeling when I was 19, I went to Europe for a month on my own. It was quite a huge experience and cracking-the-eggshell-like which still affects my own path in every way.

Global Perspectives on Independence: Cultural Celebrations

For Sujin, how do you stay connected to your cultural roots or incorporate elements of your home country’s culture into your daily routine, while working in Malaysia?

Sujin: I cook Korean food for almost every meal. I believe food is the most undetachable element of one’s culture. 

In your experience, how do cross-cultural interactions contribute to personal growth and a broader perspective on freedom?

Dhanu: Understanding different cultures is always really interesting, I enjoyed learning their thinking and their differences to certain situations. It’s beautiful how everybody has their way of thinking, I’ve learned a lot from expats in terms of social skills, mindset, cultural backgrounds, etc. From the perspective on freedom, everyone has their own way of defining freedom, it gave me great insight towards the little differences that each of us call “freedom” and how we perceive it.

Sujin: If I were to only stay and live within my home country’s culture, I may have been stuck with the rules and restrictions there. People in Korea tend to hang around tightly and meddle with each other’s lives in a good way. But sometimes it can block your sight and make you feel satisfied within this packed group, making you not want to know any other things. Such a life can also have greatness but for me, it is quite boring. I like to travel and stay there for a while because I would like to know how other people live and understand better about me. 

We hope you enjoyed the interview and feel inspired by their stories. Receive more enjoyment when you save more and send more with us at MoneyMatch! To view our previous #MoneyMatchSpotlight, click here.

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