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Along with the rise of financial technology and digital finance management, comes the rise of cybercrime targeting online banking, payments and fund transfers. Once cybercriminals get a hold of your personal information, they can easily turn the data into money-spinning opportunities. How do we make sure to always be one step ahead of them?

On 10th June 2022, we had a Facebook Live session with our Chief Compliance Officer, Manjeev Singh where he talked about ways MoneyMatch users can protect their accounts. Read on for the key points mentioned during the safety announcement!

Phishing: Don’t fall for the bait!

Here are 3 main ways to stay protect your account:

  1. Never ever reveal your personal information. MoneyMatch will not request for your account details during a phone call. For instance, your username, password or I/C number.
  2. Be 100% sure of who you’re talking to. Before responding or opening links, make sure to check the email domain of the sender. Our one and only domain is ‘’, not ‘’ nor ‘’.
  3. Diversify your passwords. Get creative! Don’t settle for simple and predictable passwords. More importantly, avoid using the same password across multiple platforms.

No business nor individual is immune to cybertheft. Therefore, as a platform handling international money transfers, cybersecurity is top priority for us. We invest in systems that ease and protect transactions with end-to-end security and multiple-factor authentication.

eKYC: The advancement we need.

One of our core technologies is digital verification or eKYC, in which a user’s identity is verified using independent source documents and reliable data. eKYC helps our compliance team verify the legitimacy of IDs and assess users’ risk based on a set of internal parameters. As a result, you no longer need to leave the comfort of your home to register and start transferring money with confidence!

Read more on the importance of eKYC and how it benefits you as a user.

Fighting cybercrime: Let’s do our part!

As we continue to implement strong security infrastructure and compliance measures, we need you to play your part as well. In this fast-paced digital era, it’s easy to be distracted and miss out the tiny details phishers hope you won’t notice. For that reason, you will need to stay vigilant and avoid further interaction with calls and emails that raise suspicions or discomfort.

Check out our support center for more tips on protecting your account. If you’re ever contacted by a suspicious individual claiming to be from MoneyMatch, please reach out to us at

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