WFH. Work From Home. Has been an acronym hovering over most of us these days.

For the extroverts, it means doomsday because they can’t meet their friends & colleagues. For the introverts, it means bliss because of the heavenliest amount of time at home albeit the fact that they still need to do work.

So we asked our audience on Facebook & Instagram to share some tips to feel great even at home during COVID-19:

IG Story Post - COVID19

And we received some IG replies from MoneyMatchers:

IG Respond - COVID19

Pizza lovers – I bet you will enjoy a solo pizza party. As for no dress code enforcement during WFH – that sounds awesome to us too!

On top of all that, we also have some great tips. Here goes:

1. Set a Goal

Learn professional baking, achieve a certain level in a new language, lose 5kg of stubborn fat off your body, get them abs, etc. Make one of the most boring periods of your life turn into the greatest, most valuable & self-fulfilling time of your life!


2. Get creative for work

Use online collaborative tools like Zoom, JOOX (Online Karaoke!), Workplace, and more to communicate with your colleagues! No matter what, it is more motivating to work when you stay connected. So stay in contact with your team through online tools to maintain energy & create more ideas.


3. Clean up – maybe

Working through the clutter can be very distracting! Perhaps it’s time to Marie Condo your workplace so it can be a more conducive environment for you to work in.


4. Take time to be thankful

Get a journal and do a daily gratitude list to remember the things you are thankful for. All you need is an allocated time & commitment to writing in it. Being in the right perspective when you WFH will ensure you feel great.

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5. DISCOUNTS – they’re everywhere!

GRABFOOD, FOODPANDA, DAHMAKAN, etc … you name it, you have it. Guess what, MoneyMatch has discounts too! If you use this promo code below when you transfer on our platform, you get an RM18 off! Check out here.

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