Adam, MoneyMatch's CFOWe have been posting here on our blog for a while now, but we still feel like you there reading this haven’t had the chance to get to know us very well yet.

Let’s get to know each other a little better! This is the first of the behind the scenes series where we give you an insider’s look at who we are and how we run things.

Today we’re having a chat with our CFO, Adam!

So, Adam, give a brief introduction of yourself to our readers.

My name is Adam. I am the Chief Financial Officer of MoneyMatch. I joined in November 2017. Prior to this, I was with the Malaysian capital markets regulator. My educational background is in political science and economics.

What one word would you use to describe yourself?

I would use the word ‘adaptable’. Don’t under-rate adaptability and being action-oriented as a crucial skill-set in order to thrive in any given career, especially if you’re in a startup company looking to upend established incumbents and traditional business models. Flux and uncertainties are a given!

What motivates you as a person?

What motivates me is two-fold. One is feeling that you’re making a difference in your personal capacity, whether indirectly through your job role or as a private individual on how you want to effect incremental change for the good of society. 

Second is making a difference in your vocation, which is your professional career. Whether you feel you’re bringing value to any company that you join or if you’re bringing a different insight or a different mentality towards getting things done. 

So that’s what motivates me; to have that impact both personally and professionally. 

Your official title is CFO, but what is your exact role here at MoneyMatch?

I have three main responsibilities in MoneyMatch. I take care of all the finance and business as usual (BAU) functions of the company. That includes everything from budgeting, accounting and financial management of the company.

The second part of my role here is investor relations. So, I also lead the company with the founders in all engagements with other investors, with old and new investors, with responding to any queries.

The third is to manage regulatory relations in Malaysia and in our expansion plans. I handle discussions with regulators locally and abroad.

And the roles will of course coalesce and double-up as with everyone in start-ups; no job is too small or unimportant if it’s towards the greater good of the company.

Your previous job was with the Securities Commission, right? What made you leave your previous job and take up your role here at MoneyMatch?

Yes, I felt like my previous roles were incredibly formative and character-building prior to being with MoneyMatch. I joined a national regulatory body as it gave me a thorough insight on the importance of operationalising sound policy and strategic decisions, but at the same instance being in the market development section of the regulator affirmed my thinking on how public policy designed by lawmakers and regulators have to be supporting, rather than stifling business growth, and I worked towards those ends while I was there.

I was chiefly involved in policy work specific to digital finance and fintech during my time as a regulator, and that’s when the entrepreneurial bug to help build an enduring fintech company that seeks to use cutting edge technology to disrupt incumbent financial services firms hit me.

I saw that regulatory developments, particularly on the Regulatory Sandbox entrants approved by central bank to test new business models being approved, and that’s when I came across the folks here at MoneyMatch and deciding to go all-in on this new adventure as it meant an opportunity to redefine how Malaysians consume financial services through digital means.

In your opinion, what is the most important value the company holds and why is it important? 

I think one of the key metrics that a company needs is being results-oriented. It drives high performance and stimulates the employees to seek better results. This mentality is important for all departments in order to ensure we make the best use of the funds that were invested in the company. It is crucial because all of us left our corporate jobs by chance or by choice, and being here is to assume a new role. There is no back-seat driver here. Everyone contributes to our growth, and everyone is in charge of something important.

In the long-run, what is the one value you hope will underpin the culture at MoneyMatch?

I think being results-oriented is still key. Being merit-based is the way forward. But I have one thing in mind, it is the feeling of togetherness. It is something which grows when the company grows in size, it’s a mission statement that binds employees to keep on obsessing over how well they perform in their specific job roles. Togetherness is an abstract concept, so it is hard to quantify!

If you could sum up the MoneyMatch journey thus far in one word, what would that word be?

The word would be unexpected. Way above and beyond expectations. 

Ok, last one. Which of MoneyMatch’s accomplishments are you most proud of?

To go from zero-to-one, launching the product, scaling the team and roles in the company and get to where we are today. It has been exponential in terms of growth for MoneyMatch these past two years (since sandbox approval in May 2017). For larger players, they might not see it as a big deal, but it is for us. To see our team put in the effort with their blood, sweat, and tears. 

People are in the centre of everything we do. MoneyMatch’s accomplishments are driven by a team of ambitious, self-driven and entrepreneurial individuals. Now that you’ve met our CFO, we hope you feel like you know us a little better 😏. Next up in this series, we will be introducing you to all the heads of departments.

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