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Rakuten Trade x MoneyMatch Campaign

We love discovering new and innovative ways to improve your financial experience. Our mission to make cross-border payments amazing and affordable connected us with like-minded people. This allowed us to make pretty kick-ass partnerships to bring you much more value, beyond building products.

We are thrilled to finally announce our partnership with an online broking platform – Rakuten Trade. Rakuten Trade’s vision is to introduce affordable trading to everyone, similar to what we are doing with cross-border payments.

Register an account with Rakuten Trade between 1 – 31 May 2019 to get 5 service-free native currency transfers on MoneyMatch!


Frequently Asked Questions šŸ§

Who is Rakuten Trade?

Rakuten Trade is a joint venture between Malaysia’s leading independent investment bank Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad and Japan’s Rakuten Securities Inc. Rakuten Trade has a Capital Markets Services License (“CMSL”), awarded by the Securities Commission Malaysia to deal in listed securities and provide investment advice in 2017.

For more information visit:


Who is MoneyMatch?Ā 

MoneyMatch is an award-winning financial technology focusing on international payments. MoneyMatch’s award-winning digital platform has successfully executed over MYR 300 million in transactions covering cross-border trade payments and individual remittances.

For more information visit:

I’m a MoneyMatch user! How do I register for a Rakuten Account and redeem my MoneyMatch discount codes?

  1. Register for a Rakuten Account with this link
    • If you create ONE (1) CONTRA or Cash Upfront account, you will be entitled to 1 set of 5x RM8 MoneyMatch discount codes when the account is activated
    • If you create both CONTRA and Cash Upfront accounts separately, you will be entitled to 2 sets of 5x RM8 MoneyMatch discount codes where both accounts are activated
    • If you create both CONTRA and Cash Upfront accounts concurrently, you will be entitled to 2 sets of 5x RM8 MoneyMatch discount codes AND an additional RM10 rebate into your Cash Upfront where both accounts are activated
    • For more information on how to activate your accounts, select here.
  2. Receive MoneyMatch discount code (from Rakuten Customer Service) within 48 hours of account activation.
  3. Apply the discount code provided when creating your transactions.
    • For more information on how to apply the discount code, select here.


I’m a Rakuten user! How do I transact with MoneyMatch and redeem my RT points and one service-fee free transfer?

  1. Register for a MoneyMatch account with this link and get eKYC verified!
    • For more information on our sign up process: here
  2. Create your first MoneyMatch transaction.
    • RM8 will be auto-deducted from your transaction if you’ve signed up through the link indicated above.
  3. Once you have successfully completed your first transaction (reached “Processed” stage), you will receive your RT points by the end of May 2019 upon verification.


Terms and ConditionsĀ 

  • Promotion is valid from 1 – 31 May 2019.
  • MoneyMatch discount is only applicable for native currency transfers (i.e. sending SGD to Singapore, sending USD to the United States)
  • MoneyMatch Discount codes provided to Rakuten Users will be valid until 31 July 2019 only.
  • Usual terms and conditions for MoneyMatch Transfer applies. Terms of Use for MoneyMatch can be found here.
  • Usual terms and conditions for RT points apply. For more information about RT Points, click here.
  • The management team of both Rakuten Trade and MoneyMatch reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this promotion without prior notice.


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